Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Almost April

Today we sat in the clouds in Canada. IT just snowed like 70cm and it was deep. After two hours of breaking trail we rolled up on a pretty famous jump in the Brandywine valley. Since the sun was basically only shining on this spot we decided to get a session going. We had a twenty minute window and both Eero and MIkey got a shot today. Pretty good for a day that was supposed to be snowing. ANyway i passed my camera to Eero on Mikey's first attempt. Eero snapped off this (a little early) BS7 First Track of Mikey Rencz.Looks like he is lazyboying on the cornice. Enjoy. ANd more to come.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Logging Life

Its Raining and I am logging footage. I hate logging. Seriously i will pay someone to log my footage for me. Who wants to be an intern. In the meantime good news is its snowing. Check the Baker report below. Big fucker coming

Also here is what is passing by my window as I log

TImePassingby from Corey Koniniec on Vimeo.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Pierre Minhondo Talks

Buoloco is a really cool site interviewing all sorts of people in snowboarding. Anyway my good friend and fellow filmmaker Pierre Minhondo talks about life on the road, the pros and cons of filmmaking, what he would do with an endless budget and whats next. I had the privelage of making the movie Some Kinda Life back in the Neoproto days with Pierre. I filmed with Pierre for 6 years and we made some really cool films along the way. Pierre is a great filmmaker, good friend and will be at the forefront of snowboard filmmaker for years to come. Check out the interview. For more ways to waste sometime on the internet or learn something about something check out

Video Hyper Shred

So Pierre Wikberg and Eddie Wall have come together to bring you VIdeo Hyper shred. Wikberg and Eddie have decided to take on something new and bring you daily vids of good times with all kinds of people. This little vid is pure entertainment and look out for a lot more great things to come from video hyper shred (VHS). Oh by the way if you don't know who Pierre Wikberg is then checkout the site below. Pretty much one of the best shred video makers out there. Oh and Eddie is probably the nicest dude you will ever meet.

CHeck out Eddies and Pierre's Site at

Video Hyper Shred Teaser - March 2010 from Video Hyper Shred on Vimeo.

Sounders Opening Game

So I am finally home for a few days from 3 weeks on the road. Filming for Burton snowboards has taken me from the Northern Japan Island of Hokkaido to the depths of the Coast Mountains British Columbia. Last night I decided what better way to celebrate being home, than grabbing some tickets to the MLS Season Opener. Sounders Fans are nuts and are the loudest fans in the MLS. Qwest field was sold out and the fans were definately sending it. The Seattle Sounders Shut out PHilly 2-0 thanks to an awesome header goal from Freddy Montero. Super fun night getting to hang with my girl and see some good friends Shaun McKay and Justin Eeles. Here's some pics. By the way it was pouring rain, typical Seattle.

Pre Game

The Crew L-R: Eeles, Amber, McKay

Planes and Rain

Amber and I


Eeles says we're number 1 or he's number 1. not sure

Celebration. Sounder Win!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Japan Edit

Here is some footage Jack Mitrani and I shot. Jack is a pro snowboarder and he edits more videos than I do. Step off my game fool. Your killing it kid. Jack drank some beers and edited this video while my old ass was getting some sleep. For more epic blog and video madness check out

Jack Mitrani in Japan from Jack Mitrani on Vimeo.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Old Greenwood

My Dad and his brothers just finished their home they built in Lake Tahoe. My dad worked tirelessly on this home and has dedicated the past two years of his life to this home. He has worked hard his whole life and I am extremely proud of him. My dad was single father and we grew up in a basically a double wide home in Southern California. I am glad I never grew up in a home like this and that I have a great perspective on hard work and drive in my life. Now 27 years later I am extremely grateful that my family built this home and that I can have access to it when I am back in one of the places I love most in this world, Lake Tahoe. I love living in Seattle but Lake Tahoe will always be my second home. This fall I was staying there for a few days and I decided to shoot a small commercial for my dad on the house. They currently rent it out as a vacation rental and I wanted to help in the best way I knew how. Anyways enjoy the video and if you ever know someone who needs a place to rent in Truckee please let me know. Its not cheap but worth every penny.

OldGreenwood.KoniniecResidence.example from Corey Koniniec on Vimeo.